Welcome to the Angelo RC Inc Website!

San Angelo’s Radio Controlled Aircraft Airfield! Spectators Welcome! If you see aircraft flying at the field, please come in and visit! Contact us at angelorcflyers@gmail.com or contact our President Charlie Campbell at 325-651-8027.

Our Field

Our Field is open 365 days a year from 6am to 10pm. When you join, you will be given the combination to the gate. Ensure the gate is locked if your the last member leaving the field.

Spectators are always welcome to visit, whenever our pilots are flying. Feel free to talk to our pilots. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the hobby.

View the video to see a brief overview of our facilites.

Our runway is made up of two parts: A 330′ x 70′ main section and a 150′ x 25′ extension. The runway is oriented North to South. A 3′ safety barrier is located between the pilot stations and the runway. 

For the safety of our pilots and spectators, please do not fly you aircraft over the pilot areas, covered area or parking lot (area highlighted in red).

Do not fly over the State Park, South of Arden Rd or East of Mercedes.