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San Angelo’s Radio Controlled Aircraft Airfield! Spectators Welcome! If you see aircraft flying at the field, please come in and visit! Contact us at angelorcflyers@gmail.com or contact our President Charlie Campbell at 325-651-8027.

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Upcoming Events!

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Aug 30th-31st, ARCA Austin Radio Control Association, Ride the Lightning Fun Fly,  Austin, TX

Sept 7th, Hi Sky RC Club, 37th Calling of the Hogs, Midland, TX

Oct 4th-6th, ARCS Abilene RC Society, Turbines and Tumbleweeds, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX

Oct 11th-13th, Angelo RC 43rd Annual Outdoor Fly-In, San Angelo, TX


Next Meeting: Thursday, July 11th @ 7:00pm.

Note: July’s meeting has been pushed back a week due to the July 4th holiday.

Join us for our monthly meeting at the Golden Corral Restaurant at 4387 W. Houston Harte Expressway in San Angelo. Come early if you want to eat before the meeting! Each meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of the month. Future meetings for 2024 are on 8/1, 9/5, 10/3 and 11/7.

New Gate Lock!

A new digital lock was installed on the gate to replace the multiple combination locks that had been on the gate. To use the new lock, just enter the gate code. Be sure to close the lock after opening the gate to prevent dust from entering the mechanism. If you have any problems with the lock call Scott at 325-716-7166 or Mark at 325-450-0635!

New Club Mailbox Installed at the Field!

Our official club address is now 4682 Arden Rd, San Angelo, TX 76901.

Use the address above to send mail to the club! The new mailbox is locked to restrict access to the mail and is weatherproof. Having the mailbox at the field saves us $240 per year in mailbox rental fees. Thanks to Jim Mohling and John “Bubba” Brotherton for installing the mailbox and post at the field! 

The Soda Machine is Out of Order!

Repairs have been authorized at our last meeting and Mark Greer will be contacting a vendor to have the compressor assembly replaced. We estimate it will take about a month for the repairs to be completed. Thank you for your patience!

Become an Angelo RC Member for 2024!

The prorated membership fee for joining in July/August is $28. Go to the Membership page to pay your 2024 dues. If any of your information has changed from this year, please fill out another membership form.
Visiting from out of town and want to fly at our field? Fill out a temporary membership form and pay $5 per month for the duration of your stay. Go to the Membership page to sign up. An AMA membership is required! 

Aircraft without a RFID receiver must fly within a FRIA boundary.

Angelo RC is now a FRIA Approved Site!

Thanks to Gary Jones for getting the application approved!

What is FRIA?

A FRIA is a defined geographic area where drones or UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) can be flown without Remote ID equipment. Both the drone and the pilot must be located within the FRIA’s boundaries throughout the operation. In addition, the pilot of the drone must be able to see it at all times throughout the duration of the flight.

Note: If a drone is equipped with Standard Remote ID, it may not be disabled or shut off while flying in a FRIA. 

All aircraft over .55 lbs or 250 grams must have a FAA registration number attached to the frame, even if within the FRIA boundary.

A map of FRIA approved sites can be viewed at this link: 


The Angelo RC FRIA boundary is the State Park to the North and West, Mercedes Rd to the East and Arden Rd to the South.

April/May 2024 Pictures

Thanks to Gary Jones for providing these pictures from the field!

Mike Duran interviews our Club President (Charlie Campbell) and Vice President (Mark Greer) about the Angelo RC Club and our TINY Fly-In event.

Field Location:

Our field is located on the west part of San Angelo, just south of the State Park below the spillway.  The field is located between Mercedes Avenue and Hunters Glen Rd. The field coordinates are (31.449859-100.508641).

View our welcome video to get a quick tour of our facilities. You can view this and other videos on our YouTube page.