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2019 Angelo RC Annual Texas Indoor New Years Fly-In
The 13th Annual TINY Fly-In is Complete!
at Another sucessful fly-in has come and gone and we appreciate everyone who attended our event. Below are pictures from the event and a list of raffle winners!
Pilot Information!
Our 14th Annual TINY Fly-In is tentatively scheduled for March 7 & 8th, 2020!
8am-9am: Pilot Access for Setup. Open flying until 1pm.
9am: Front door open for public.
9am-1pm: Open flying.
10am-2pm: Concession Stand open (Saturday Only)
1 pm-2pm: balloon bust #1, afterward resume open flying.
2 pm: Fast Delta demo, afterward resume open flying.
3 pm: TINY survivor
4 pm: Night flying session, afterward resume open flying
4:30 pm: Balloon bust #2, afterward, open flying.
5 pm: Public out, front door locked.
5:00pm-Midnight: Open flying (Pilots Only).
Midnight: All out of building everything unplugged.
 2019 TINY (Texas Indoor New Year) Fly In Photos
Pilot Pit Area and Pilot Flight Line!
  1. All Pilots flying in our event must have a current AMA membership.
  2. Pilots will have access into the Coliseum from 8am to Midnight on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (March 1st, 2nd, 3rd). Pilots can enter through the East entrance ramp of the Coliseum. Setup tables are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
  3. Landing fees are $20/day with 2 raffle tickets, $50/3 day pass with 10 raffle tickets or buy a family package (one parent with up to 3 kids) for $100/3 day pass with 20 raffle tickets. You can register and pay for the landing fees below or at the day of the event.
  4. Pilots registering online will receive an email confirmation. At the registration desk all you need to do is sign the registration form.
  5. A catered meal will be available for purchase on Friday night. Cost for the meal will be around $15 per person. Sign up for the meal at the registration desk by 5pm. In the past, the meal consists of BBQ, sides, tea and dessert.
  6. If you have any questions about the TINY Fly-In, please contact the Contest Director, Mark Greer, at 325-450-0635 or email at "".
8am-11am: Pilot Access for Setup. Open flying until 12pm.
11am: Front door open for public.
11am-1pm: Open flying.
1pm: Raffle drawing
2pm: Fast delta demo, afterwards open flying.
3 pm: Balloon bust.
4 pm: Night flying session, afterward resume open flying
4:30pm-5pm: Open flying.
5pm: Public out, front doors locked
5pm-Midnight: Open flying (Pilots Only).
Midnight all out of building.
13th Annual TINY Fly-In Schedule of Events!
 2019 TINY (Texas Indoor New Year) Fly In Photos
Balloon Bust Contest and Free Flight Photos!
TINY Raffle Winners!
Below is a list of this year's raffle winners. Congratulations to everyone who won!
Spectrum DX6e Radio
Russell Jones
Ticket #7840111
Neptune 40 Airplane
Carl Malone
Ticket #7840664
Hobby Horizon Viking
Michael Morales
Ticket #7840417
Joe Gross Kilerwing
Jim Mohling
Ticket #7839577
Joe Gross Kilerwot
Jason Satterwhite
Ticket #7840629
Clownfish Airplane
Michael McDougall
Ticket #7839601
Flight Test A10
Albert Heston
Ticket #7840448
Firebird Stratos
David Wood
Ticket #7840036
Rad Jet 420
Richard Ng
Ticket #7840197
UMX P3 Revolution
Eric Eggemeyer
Ticket #7840664
Jason Satterwhite
Ticket #7840616
Hobby King B-17G
Eric Eggemeyer
Ticket #7840655
Slow Delta Cutout
Pete Armenta
Ticket #7840165
Foam Glider #2
Gary Jones
Ticket #7839605
Foam Glider #1
David Wood
Ticket #7840448
Micro Wanderer Kit
Pete Armenta
Ticket #7840597
Value Hobby Yak54
Pete Armenta
Ticket #7840589
UMX Vapor
Michael Morales
Ticket #7839808
DeWalt Drill Bit Case
Michael Morales
Ticket #7839808
Stack Blue Core Foam
Pete Armenta
Ticket #7840155
Acrylic Sanding Square
Eric Eggemeyer
Ticket #7840662
Acrylic Sanding Square
Garrett Rathbun
Ticket #7840662
Miscellaneous Propellers (6 sets)
Aaron Gnade (2x)-# 7839852 & 7839857,
Richard Ng-#7840662, James Cogburn-#7840192
Jimmy Allen-#7840457, Cecil Walston-#7839998
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