Steps to becoming an Angelo RC member:

1) First, become a member of our hobby's national organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Click on the AMA logo to the left to visit their site and sign up for membership. The AMA membership is $75/year with discounts for family members ($38) and senior citizens ($65).

2) After you receive your AMA membership number, fill out the Online Membership Application below or fill out a paper application by downloading and printing the form on the bottom right or you can.

Mail the application with your membership dues to:
Angelo RC
P.O. Box 60103
San Angelo, TX 76906‚Äč
Note: If you join this month, your membership fee is $4.00 for the rest of this year!

3) After we receive your application, membership fee and confirm your AMA membership, we will contact you through an email or letter with a welcome letter and the airfield gate combination.

If you have any questions regarding our membership process or club information, email us at or call our club President, Charlie Campbell at 325-651-8027.
Jimmy Gaona
(214) 641-1143
Safety Officer
Richard Gibson
Position Open!
We need a volunteer!


Click on the weatherstation icon above to view the current field conditions. (Opens in a new window)

Click on the AMA Logo above to visit the AMA website to become an AMA member. Signup is easy!

We are always looking for new members!

We appreciate our members and we are working hard to support your flying needs! All your dues go to running our events and making improvements to the field, so please join us so that we can continue our good works!
Membership Fees
Fees are prorated if you join after January 31st. Use the chart below to determine your dues.

Regular Annual Membership: $50.00

Join Month            Membership Fee
January:               $50.00
February:             $46.00
March:                  $42.00
April:                     $38.00
May:                      $34.00
June:                      $30.00
July:                       $25.00
August:                  $21.00
September:            $17.00
October:                $13.00
November:             $8.00
December:             $4.00

Associate Membership
Fee is based on the length of your stay. You will be contacted by a member on the prorated fee for your stay.
Junior Membership (under 22 years old):  
$5.00 per year
Complete the steps above and soon you will be flying at our airfield!
On-Line Membership Application
(Submit only after you receive your AMA ID number)
Angelo RC member responsibilities:

1) As a member, I will, to the best of my abilities, follow the organization's policies and by-laws as long as I am a member.

2) As a member of the organization , I understand that I will be expected to participate in organization activities.

Activities include:

Helping with maintaining the public park grounds/projects.

Participating in educational projects and events.

Helping at fun-flys and flying related events.

Attending meetings regularly.