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Below are club member photos with the aircraft types they fly. If you need help with your aircraft you can reference the members below. 
Member Aircraft Photos
Match our club members with the types of aircraft they fly.
Charlie Campbell
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, nitro)
John "Bubba" Brotherton
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric), foam board build, photographic drones
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric), Warbirds, Photographic drones
Danny Thiede
Flying Wings (electric), FPV Quads
Josh Yarbro
Helicopters, Large Scale Aircraft, 3D flying, Racing Quads
Jimmy Gaona
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, nitro, large scale, EDF), Racing quads
Carl "Brad" Bradley
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric), Warbirds, Quads, FPV
Walter Masters
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric) FPV Quads
Richard Gibson
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, nitro) Warbirds
Jim Mohling
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric), Flying Wings, FPV Quads
Richard "Dick" Hardie
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, Flying Wings, Gliders) FPV Quads
Carl Malone
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, nitro, large scale, EDF), Quads
For other photos and videos of Non Fly-In events and club activites, click on one of the two buttons below:
Tom Ungard Sr.
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric gliders)  Video Quads
Tom Ungard Jr.
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, nitro, large scale) Racing Quads, FPV
Tim Harrell
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, nitro)
Jojo Edar
Fixed Wing Aircraft (electric, EDF jets)