We have a lot of donated items in storage that we are making available to our club members for free! Below is a list of the free items we have in storage. If you need any of these items, please contact one of our club officers.
Jimmy Gaona
(214) 641-1143
Safety Officer
Richard Gibson
Position Open!
We need a volunteer!

Free Items for Members

Miscellaneous Propellers
Master Airscrew:11x7, 10x6, 1070S,
APC C-2:10x7 (2 each), TGS: 8x3.8SF (3 each)
Miscellaneous Tires & Landing Gear
72mm/ 2 13/16"(2 each), 2.75", 2.50", 2.25" (3 each),
1.86" Micro Wheels (2 each)
Stanley Workbox
with 1 gallon fuel can.
Two 15' two prong extension cords
with carrying reel.
Large Selection of pre-built Wings
Need a replacement wing? We have 8 donated wings (from 3' to 8' long) 
Recent items from an anonymous donor - Newly Added!
Contact Jimmy Gaona at 214-641-1143 if you are interested in any of these items.
Balsa Wood Planks
1/16" to 3/16" x 3" wide x 3' long
Misc Battery Chargers
As Is- Some missing cords
Misc RC Car Part
Tires, Links, Body Parts
Electric Sky Cruiser Foam Aircraft
As Is- Aircraft needs a battery, compatible transmitter. If you can fix it you can have it!