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5/25/2018 - 5/26/2018 -- Katy, TX (C) CUBS AND COUSINS. Site: 6332 Katy Hockley Rd. Larry Dickey CD PH: 713-816-0642 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/462. Any size Cub or Cousin welcome, gas, glow or electric. 600 x 200 ft manicured grass runway. Electricity for charging. food & drink available. Sponsor: SPACE CITY RC CLUB

5/25/2018 - 5/26/2018 -- Rockdale, TX (C) WINGS OVER APACHE PASS. Site: 9112 N FM 908. Jeffrey Schultze CD PH: 936.443.4385 Email: Sanction #18/419. Come fly with us in Central TX! All fixed-wing aircraft welcome. Family friendly event. All styles are welcome. Raffle. On-site restaurant and ice house open for dinner. $20 pilot fee. Pot-luck lunch on Saturday. Bring planes to fly food to share! Sponsor: FLY APACHE PASS RC

5/26/2018 -- Grand Prairie, TX (C-Restricted) 5TH ANNUAL AEROBATIC CONVENTION. Site: Fulton Field. Franklyn Cox CD PH: 972.339.8537 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/732. 5th Annual SPA Aerobatic Convention on Beautiful Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas. Registration time 8am. Pilots and workers will have a free lunch. Campers/RVs welcome. No Hookups. Sponsor: GOLDEN TRIANGLE RC CLUB

5/26/2018 - 5/27/2018 -- Houston, TX (C) BILL RUTHERFORD MEMORIAL STUNT CONTEST. Site: Scobee Field. Frank Williams CD PH: 281-488-1371 Email: Sanction #18/1026. TS Stunt, Classic Stunt, Profile Stunt on Saturday, BIAE combined. Precision Aerobatics B, I, A, E on Sunday.

5/26/2018 -- Tyler, TX (C) MEMORIAL DAY FLY-IN. Site: Northside RC Airpark. John Skinner CD PH: Email: Sanction #18/281. Join us in East Texas for some fun in the sun. Covered shelters, electricity, water and almost 500ft of great grass runway. $20 pilots fee, which includes lunch. Additional food available for fee. Wheels up 9am till 5pm. Raffle. If it has wings, bring it! Sponsor: TEXAS UNLIMITED FUN FLYERS


6/1/2018 - 6/2/2018 -- Monaville, TX (C) WARBIRD EVENT ANY SIZE. Site: Bomber Field. Kirk Jensen CD PH: 281-381-0473 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/835. Come join us at the Bomber field warbird event! Warbirds of any size from WWI thru jets. Food, snacks, awards, and lots of flying. See you there! Sponsor: BOMBER FIELD INC

6/2/2018 - 6/3/2018 -- Denton, TX (AAA) HENRY SPENCE MEMORIAL. Site: Robson Ranch. Steven Spence CD PH: 817-851-7446 Email: Sanction #18/1395. Events; 101-103, 105, 108-110, 120, 124, 150, 152-155, 158-159, 165 CAT III (JSO), 140, 142 CAT III (JS). 1/2A Early, 1/2A Nostalgia combined Row, Junior combo, A, B, C nostalgia A/B, C/D Classic, classic towline, NFFS One design, Mini

6/2/2018 - 6/3/2018 -- Fort Worth, TX (AA) TEXAS SCALE CHAMPIONSHIP. Site: GSW Flying Field. L Harville CD PH: 817/781-9615 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/550. Texas Scale Championships, Scale Masters Qualifier, NASA Qualifier, Champion total of all scores, Electric Class, Helicopter Class, Static Only Class. Lunch included for pilots. Sponsor: GREATER SW AERO MODELERS INC

6/2/2018 - 6/3/2018 -- Huffman, TX (AA) JETERO PATTERN CLASSIC. Site: Club Field. John Forestieri CD PH: 713-594-8901 Visit: Sanction #18/1236. Looking forward to hosting our annual Pattern Classic with trophies for 1st-3rd in all classes. Field will be open for practice Friday. RV's welcome but no hook-ups. 40$ entry fee with pilot lunch provided Saturday. for map to the field. Sponsor: JETERO RC CLUB INC
6/7/2018 - ANGELO RC MONTHLY MEETING, 7pm at the Golden Corral Resturant, 4387 W. Houston Harte Frwy. This month's topics: Planning for this years club activities and field improvements.
6/8/2018 - 6/9/2018 -- Aubrey, TX (C) WARBIRDS OVER TEXAS. Site: Club Field. Ed Kettler CD PH: 469-867-7981 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/640. This is a laid back flying event which focuses on pilot enjoyment with a weekend of flying, fun, flying, food, friends, flying...did I say flying? $30 pre-registration, $35 on site for both days. Jets, helis, trainers, bombers, fighters, bring them all! Sponsor: NORTH DALLAS RC CLUB, INC.

6/9/2018 - 6/10/2018 -- Garland, TX (AAA) BOB GIESEKE MEMORIAL. Site: Samuell Hobby Park. Bill Bischoff CD PH: 972-840-2135 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/1162. Events; 323-326 (JSO). Saturday; Stunt-OTS, Classic, Profile, Racing-Mouse I, Foxberg, Sport Goodyear, Texas Quickie & Super Slow Rat. Sunday; Stunt-Precisions Aerobatics (B, I, A, E), Carrier-Profile, 15 Profile, Class I & II. Sponsor: DALLAS MODEL AIRCRAFT ASSN

6/9/2018 -- Jasper, TX (C) OLD FASHION FUN FLY. Site: Victor Bumstead Memorial Field. Larry Hebert CD PH: 409-423-9156 Email: Sanction #18/234. Remember the old fun flies with events like limbo, bomb drop, spot landing, etc. We are a very small group that just fly for the fun of it. Come join us and enjoy the day. $10 landing fee covers lunch. North on 96 from Jasper. Left on HiTruent Rd. Sponsor: JASPER AERO MODELERS

6/9/2018 - 6/10/2018 -- Oyster Creek, TX (C) BIG BIRD FLY IN. Site: Club Field. Erik Valdez CD PH: 979-230-6968 Email: Sanction #18/1378. Annual Big Bird Event for the BCMA. 15 Acre flying site, RV's and camping welcome. Raffle and door prizes. Sponsor: BRAZORIA COUNTY MODELERS ASSN

6/9/2018 -- Princeton, TX (C) 2018 OLD & YOUNG GUNS 1ST ANNUAL JAMBOREE FUN FLY. Site: Club Field. Harold Walsh CD PH: 972-332-8470 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/81. showcasing North Texas area pilots, promoting fun and fellowship with fellow flyers. Handicap parking facilities available. Landing fee $20.00 includes lunch for pilots. Multiple raffle prizes. Sponsor: RICHARDSON RC CLUB

6/9/2018 -- Scottsville, TX (C) FLOAT & FUN FLY. Site: Ed Baker RC Complex. Gary Moxley CD PH: 903-766-3649 Email: Sanction #18/1281. Sponsor: MARSHALL AERO MODELERS

6/10/2018 -- Temple, TX (C) 28TH ANNUAL TEMPLE FUN FLY. Site: McGregor Park. Donald Hinkle CD PH: 254-718-0243 Email: Sanction #18/1009. 1st event; timed loops & rolls. 2nd event; spot landing & balloon bust. Pilot meeting @ 11am. $100-1st, $50-2nd, $25-3rd. No entry fee. Electrics must have a minimum of 11.1 volt 4000 mAh capacity. Anything higher is ok. Sponsor: TEMPLE AERO MODELERS

6/16/2018 -- Beaumont, TX (C) BIG BIRD FLY IN. Site: Club Field. Charles Nowell CD PH: Email: Visit: Sanction #18/875. We invite you to our inaugural Big Bird Fun Fly. 80" mono/60" bi or 700 class and up helis. All aircraft must comply to AMA rules. 400' geotex runway with plenty of grass over run off. Landing fee $25 pilot lunch provided. Sponsor: BEAUMONT RC CLUB

6/16/2018 -- Grand Prairie, TX (C) WARBIRD FLY IN. Site: 2820 Seeton Rd. William Bergman CD PH: 972-762-3834 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/471. All Warbirds welcome, no turbines. Electric charging available. Landing fee $25, pilot lunch included, all others $8. Gates open @ 7am. Visit web site for more info. Sponsor: GOLDEN TRIANGLE RC CLUB

6/16/2018 -- Waco, TX (C) HOTMAC ANNUAL BIG BIRD FLY IN. Site: Club Field. Ronnie Dean CD PH: 682-239-9052 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/802. $20 Registration includes lunch. 30cc on up, 1/4 biplanes on up, turbines, Warbirds All welcome. awards, concessions, covered pits, charging stations, restrooms, 800' paved runway. $15 per night RV hookup. Bring Family and friends. Sponsor: HEART OF TEXAS MINIATURE AIRCRAFT CLUB

6/23/2018 -- Dayton, TX (C) HI-WING HO-DOWN. Site: Club Field. Larry Rogers CD PH: 713-503-1191 Email: Sanction #18/889. Landing fee $25, includes pilots lunch. Starts @ 9am, ends @ 4pm. Any High Wing aircraft welcome. Sponsor: JETERO RC CLUB INC

6/23/2018 - 6/24/2018 -- Georgetown, TX (AA) TEXAS REPUBLIC CLASSIC. Site: 655 Cr 141. Rene Grebe CD PH: 737-777-3081 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/289. Events; 401-404, 406 (JSO). Pilots meeting 10am. Registration $35 include Saturday lunch. Field open Friday for practice. Last contest before the NATS. Sponsor: GEORGETOWN AERO MODELERS ASSN

6/23/2018 - 6/24/2018 -- New Waverly, TX (A) 34TH ANNUAL BIG BIRD FLY IN. Site: Ray Brickhouse Field. Keith Jarvis CD PH: 832-823-3455 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/990. For all 80" mono - 60" bi plane fixed wing $20 landing fee. Sponsor: TRI-COUNTY BARNSTORMERS

6/23/2018 -- Southmaid, TX (A) TEXOMA SUMMER COMBAT. Site: Pete Darter Field. Robert Starr CD PH: 903-868-1601 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/828. 6 rounds SSC, 6 Rounds Limited B Lunch Provided pilots meeting at 9:30 gates open at 7:30 $25 for first event and $5 for the 2nd event. Sponsor: TEXOMA RC MODELERS

6/30/2018 -- Enda, TX (C) 4TH ANNUAL RC FLOAT FLY. Site: Breckenridge Recreation. Johnny Longoria CD PH: 361-676-6118 Email: Visit: Sanction #18/1239. 8am-5pm. Free registration for AMA pilots, free lunch for pilots and crew door prizes. Retrieval boat onsite. For camping call brackenridge recreation in Enda TX. Sponsor: VICTORIA RADIO CONTROL FLYERS


6/7/2018 - ANGELO RC MONTHLY MEETING, 7pm at the Golden Corral Resturant, 4387 W. Houston Harte Frwy. This month's topics: Planning for this years club activities and field improvements.

7/13/2018 - 7/14/2018 -- Orange, TX (C) ANNUAL WARBIRD FLY IN. Site: Orange Co Model Airpark. Jeffrey Reed CD PH: 409-313-2852 Email: Sanction #18/907. Annual Warbird fly-in. $20 landing fee (includes lunch Sat). Open to all warbirds. Raffle and door prizes Sat. 80' covered pavilion w/ electricity at all tables. Limited R/V hook-ups. Sponsor: ORANGE COUNTY R/C CLUB