2018 February   Newsletter!
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What's new on the website!
2/25/18- Posted new Jan & Feb pictures from the field on the Home page. (see bottom of page). TINY Flyin page updated with full schedule and extra pilot information.
2/24/18- Added TINY Schedule of Events, Added pictures of Taliaferro family donation.

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Next Monthly Meeting:
Thursday, March 1st, 7:00pm @ Golden Corral, 4387 W. Houston Harte Frwy, San Angelo, TX.
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Thanks to the Taliferro Family for donating the following aircraft to our club!

The Taliferro family made this very nice donation in remeberance of John Taliferro who passed on December 25, 2013. These aircraft need a little bit of work to make them flight ready. If you are interested in working on them please contact Charlie Campbell at 325-651-8027or email at kc5ezz@gmail.com. These aircraft will be used as trainers for our club members.

New Members!
Please welcome our newest members Cole Meads, Gary Chaffin, Walter Miller & Harry Trainer.  We look forward to seeing them at the airfield!
As always we are looking for new members! Visit our membership page to join!

NEW!  Pilots can now pre-register and pay landing fees electronically for 2018 TINY Fly-In. Go to the TINY FlyIn page. Click Here!

The 2017 Outdoor Flying
Season is over!
But we are still working to plan fun events for the future! Keep checking this website for updates!
Here's some of the things we are working on:
• Pot Luck/Outdoor Cookout at the airfield in Spring 2018 to welcome the beginning of the outdoor flying season.
• Club garage sale at the airfield to raise money for the club in Spring of 2018.
Save your unwanted items for the sale.

•Create a Quad course at the airfield.

More details will be announced in February. 

Other News
Secretary Needed:
We still have an opening for a Club Secretary. If you are interested, please call our Club President, Charlie Campbell @ (325) 651-8027. Duties include taking meeting minutes and updating the membership roster. As a club officer your annual club membership is free!
Club Spokesman Needed!
We need a volunteer to be the face and voice of our club when we advertise our events on the television and radio. If you are interested please contact our Club President, Charlie Campbell @ (325) 651-8027.

12th Annual TINY Indoor Fly-In is almost here! March 3rd and 4th at the San Angelo Coliseum. Visit the TINY Flyin page for more details on the event. There you will find information for pilot registration, activities and spectator information. Click Here!

2018 TINY Indoor Fly-In Schedule of Events!

(Admission is free to the public!)

Note: Raffle tickets sold throughout the day. Raffle tickets are $1 each, for $5, 13 for $10 and 30 for $20. Raffle will be held Sunday at 1pm. 

Saturday, March 3rd (Open to the Public 9am - 7pm)

9:00am to 1:00pm- Open Flying. (Open Flying between the events below)

1:00pm- Tiny Whoop racing (Micro Quad FPV races) New Event!

1:15pm- Balloon Pop contest #1.

2:00pm- Fast Delta demo.

3:00pm- TINY Survivor contest.

4:00pm- Night Flying Demo (lights in the coliseum are turned off)

5:00pm- Balloon Pop contest #2.

5:30pm to 7:00pm- Open Flying.

7:00pm- Doors closed to the public.

Sunday, March 4th (Open to the Public 10am - 5pm)

10:00am to 12:00pm- Open Flying (Open flying between the events below)

12:00pm- Tiny Whoop racing (Micro Quad FPV races)

1:00pm- Raffle drawing.

2:00pm- Fast Delta demo (after the raffle)

3:00pm- Balloon Pop contest.

3:30pm to 5:00pm- Open Flying.

5:00pm- Doors closed to the public.

New Pictures for 2018!

Here are some recent pictures of our members flying during January and February of 2018!
(click on the "i" for information on the picture)
Aspire Glider
Needs a reciever & battery installed and the motor tested.
US Navy Ultra-Lite
Needs a reciever & battery installed and the motor tested.
Mini-Edge 540?
Needs a reciever, battery, motor, servos and landing gear installed.
P-51 Mustang Kit
Only the wing has been built in this kit. Everything else needs to be put together.
Tiger MkII Trainer (above)
Needs a receiver & battery installed and the gas motor needs tested.