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Monthly Thursday Meeting Schedule
Oct  7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd
 @ 7:00pm, Golden Corral restaurant, 4387 W Houston Harte Expy, San Angelo.
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Visit our Membership page to sign up for membership. The prorated price for October is $17 for adults and $5 for Youths. Visitors can also sign up for a temporary membership for $5 a month. All members need to have an AMA membership. Fill out the application and pay on our Membership page.
Insect Repellent at the Airfield!
With all the rain we have had this summer, mosquitos and gnats are becoming a nuisance during the morning and evening hours. To help combat the pests we have added insect repellent to the wash station! Just a reminder, our wash station has regular hand soap, heavy duty hand soap with pumice and hand sanitizer. Also, additional paper towel rolls are located in the storage area.
Welcome to the Angelo RC Airfield Video!
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Website Updates!
10/5/21- Added the October Newsletter to the Home and Newsletter pages.
10/4/21-Removed the Field day notice and updated the Outdoor Fly-In information on the Home page. Updated the prorated membership fees on the Membership page.
10/2/21-Updated Field Day Announcement posted on the home page.
9/13/21-Added the 2020 Outdoor Fly-In Highlights Video to the Home and Outdoor Fly-In Pages.
9/8/21-Added the 2021 Safety Orientation Video to the Outdoor Fly-In Page.
2021 August Pictures
August Pics from the Field!
Here are some current pics from our outdoor field. Thanks to Jimmy Gaona for these pictures!
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New FAA Requirement for all Flyers: TRUST Test!
(The Recreational UAS Safety Test)
TRUST (The Recreational UAS Safety Test) is a collaboration between the FAA and industry to provide TRUST and educational safety material to Recreational Flyers who fly unmanned aircraft. Currently there is no deadline to complete this test, however, the test is free to take and easy to pass! The test takes about 30 minutes to complete and can be done anytime. Click on the link below to go to the test, via the AMA website. After completing the test, a certificate will be issued that you can printout and keep with you whenever you fly.

New FPV Assignment Board at the Flying Field!
There is a new video frequency assignment board at the field for pilots who fly with First Person View (FPV) equipped aircraft. Pegs are no longer required to mark your frequency, just print your name by your frequency with the grease pencil provided. If possible, try to use a frequency as far as possible from other frequencies already taken. Thanks to Jimmy Gaona for creating the new board!
Additional Lawnmower Repairs!
Last month the riding mower had a catastrophic failure. The mower gearbox, belt pulley and drivebelt were damaged due to excessive vibration in the drive shaft! Leland Turnbow repaired the gearbox and refurbished the pulley. Gabriel Perez also looked at the lawnmower and found missing bolts on the PTO shaft rear bearing quill and a missing shearing pin on the U joint. Bubba Brotherton and Gary Jones assisted in removing and reinstalling the parts into the mower. Also, thanks to our lawnmowers, Gary Jones, Tom Ungard and Jimmy Gaona who keep the outdoor field looking great.
Leland Turnbow has helped with past repairs on the lawnmower that has saved us from spending hundreds of dollars on new parts. Please support his business, West Texas Game Feeders, at 3312 N. Chadbourne St in San Angelo or visit their website (
Club Trainer Available!
A Hobbico Nexstar Trainer aircraft was donated to the club. With a little TLC from Gary and Bubba, the aircraft is now in great flying condition. Club members can now use the plane for training purposes. For details on how to checkout the plane, assembly and operational instructions visit the Club Trainer page (click here to visit the => Club Trainer Page).
40th Annual Angelo RC Outdoor Fly-In!
This Weekend!
October 9th, 9am-5pm & October 10th, 9am-3pm
 This is an AMA sanctioned event so all the usual rules apply. The fly-in is open to all types of aircraft (Airplanes, Helicopters, Gliders and Drones).

Angelo RC Inc. is proud to present its’ 40th Aircraft Exhibition. This is a two day event that will allow for open flying of all types of aircraft. This event is Free for the public to view! For the pilots who want to fly, there will be a $5 landing fee each day or $10 for the weekend. Additionally, a raffle will be held on Sunday, Oct 10th at 1pm. Tickets are $1 each, 6 for $5, 13 for $10 or 30 for $20. Winners do not need to be present to win. Visit the Outdoor FlyIn Page to see the schedule of events and additional information for pilots. Click on the Flyer Icon below to view this year's flyer in PDF format.

Click the Outdoor Fly-In Flyer above to view the full sized PDF version

2020 Fly-In Highlights Video!
Saturday, October 9th
9:00am- Field open, pilot check-in, Safety briefing (see safety video at the bottom of the Outdoor Fly-In page)
9:00am-P ilots can fly until dusk.
7:30-8:30- NEW! Special Night Fly demonstration! Pilots with LED lit aircraft will be flying throughout the evening.

Sunday, October 10th
9:00am- Field open, new pilot check-in & Safety briefing (see safety video at the bottom of this page)
9:00am- 1pm- Open Flying
1:00pm- Raffle drawing
1:30pm-3pm- Open Flying


Fly-In Schedule of Events!
Sorry, no food service this year, however there are several restaurants within 5 minutes of the field.